Our Services

Dry Stone Walling

as members of the dry stone walling association abwalling not only strive to give you the finish you want but we enjoy what we do. ABWalling so not only build walls but also produce some stunning features such as gateways, steps, seating areas, bBQ areas, arches and much more. We can complete the smallest jobs pr design and construct more complex jobs weather be for your garden or working on large scale sites

Lime And Mortar Walling

although Dry stone walling is our initial trade abwalling also provide a multitude of other services. stepping away from the more traditional dry stone walling we are just as competent at mortar walling providing quality where ever we work. all our work is always guaranteed.


over the years of dry stone walling we have also had to develop and evolve into other areas of work to create a fuller portfolio of services. one of these services is flagging. we primarily work with stone but as stone continues to become a  a more expensive commodity we can also flag with stone replica flags and concrete flags. Providing services like this means you as a customer are only dealing with one company.


Cobbled drive or entrance ways can look visually stunning and do much in with many differently styled surroundings. stone sets have been used for road services for many years and if laid correctly can last for hundreds.


landscaping has come hand in hand with our job over the years and as part of building a wall or feature. if our customer does not have a design in mind ABWalling can design and carry out this task. we would supply the customer with plans and a scope of works outlining what they are to expect from us and would adhere to all aspects of the scopes of work after it was signed by the customer and deemed satisfactory by all parties.


Cladding has many different interpretations. Usually this is a breeze block back with a stone front veneer which is tied into the blocks and then the stone is back filled with cement.  the stone is sat on a bed of cement then scraped out to create a dry stone wall look. we have also worked on sites in the lakedistrict doing this look on houses which had no cement on the stone beds and only cement at the back.